Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blog Designs for a Cure (or at least a kinder world for sick kids)

Recently an idea hit me when I was taxiing my kids around on a rare, more subdued evening! I had just created blog banners for my good friends, Karen at Paper Playhouse and Dana at Dana's House of Cards. Their friend Charlene at Willow & Paisley found me via their blogs and asked me to design something fresh and fun for her blog too. I wondered if my little blog banner designs could be something bigger: instead of asking for payment, I could encourage donations to certain charities close to my heart. This past year, so many groups were involved. They helped save my son Henri; supported my twins as they witnessed their little brother's courageous fight; helped my daughter be brave when she donated her bone marrow to him; sent the twins to the most amazing summer camp for two weeks during Henri's chemo and transplant; sent us up in a plane to intercept Santa who had just left the North Pole before Christmas; eased my pain and helped me cope with Henri's lengthy hospitalization and a mother's worst nightmare. You can read more about our year by following the link under "Another blog in another place" on the left sidebar.

For a blog banner and watermark, I'm asking for a $50 minimum donation to one of these very special organizations:

Sick Kids in Toronto
Canadian Immunodeficiency Society (CIS)
The Starlight Foundation, or
a group that is seeking a better cure for immune diseases (chronic granulomatous disease, SCID or even lupus) or a children's/bone marrow transplant/research hospital closer to your own state/province

To get in touch, comment to this post or email me at I can't anticipate the response, so turnaround on designs could be between one to three weeks.

Thanks for visiting!


Regan said...

very nice nancy

I've been drooling over Charlene's banner ever since you did it.

Sick Kids is a great Charity , I am a regular donator( if thats the word) my good friend's daughter has spent a great deal of time there in her short 3 years of life and I can't say enough how greatful I am to have that option for her and other's.

I'd love for you to create something for me- please contact me on how to proceed

Anonymous said...

The banners you made are fantastic! I have to say that donating the beautiful banners in lieu of charity donations is fantastic.

I am going to have to read your other blog. My youngest son, who just turned 3, suffers from an autoimmune disorder. We just found out about it almost a year ago. He kept getting sick and couldn't get over a cold. He ended up in the hospital last year and it was a touch and go battle for us. He is missing the antibody that helps prevent the common cold. I'm still researching everything. His condition keeps us homebound most of the year because it's easier to stay home and sterlize my home than it is to risk going out where all of the sick germs are. The sad thing is they said absolutely no preschool for him and he longs to interact with other kids. I can't chance it though so summer is the only time he gets to do things like that.

Karen Motz said...

Yay Nancy, I'm so glad you've decided to offer your blog banner services and go the donation route. I absolutely LOVE my banner and watermark. You are uber talented my friend! I really hope you're super busy because of this (but not too busy to stamp). Please give Henri a hug for me. :)

Debbie Pamment said...

Hi Nancy,
I've been enjoying your blog for a while - you are such a talented lady. It is sooo nice to see people using their talent to help others. I'm looking for a new look for my blog but don't know how to start - would love some help and can't think of a better person to do it - we'd be helping those in need too! There's no rush though!

One quick question - would you be happy with me donating to our Asutralian Starlight Foundation? I know our Aussie dollar isn't great at the moment - but would happily donate the equivalent of your dollar!

Take care and thanx soo much for your generosity and spirit!

Unknown said...

This is my first visit to your blog, and I'm thrilled to hear about your charity idea. I would love a blog banner of my very own AND to be donating to a worthy cause. I'll be emailing you:) and following your blog now that I found you:)

Anonymous said...

I would love a blog banner! What a wonderful idea to donate. My email is
my web:

Charlene Austin said...

Oh Yay Nancy!! It's are doing banners! Well I am so proud that you made mine for me and I love it so much!! I think it's an amazing thing to create such beautiful things in exchange for donations to your local facilites. You are an angel!!

Nancy said...

Kimmie Kaye, if you're visiting again, I don't know how to reach you. Please email me at Thanks!

Carol Weimer said...

Wow, your work is just beautiful. The current blog banners you're doing are really classy looking. What a great cause to raise funds for. I'm getting a little tired of my banner, so I'll consider this as an option. Thanks for the inspiration.

Dean, Jennifer and Sakura said...

I would LOVE a blog banner for my blog. We are currently in the process of adopting a baby (from Japan) and I would love a custom blog banner created for our special baby. Please e-mail me at and hopefully we can work something special out! I am VERY happy to donate to your charity of choice, that is AWESOME that you are giving back....I LoVe that! Thank You so much - Jennifer

Dean, Jennifer and Sakura said...

I probably should have mentioned, our blog is set to private, due to the nature - so please let me know if you'd like to read through it to get an 'idea' of 'who we are' and I will send you an invitation to join. Again, thank you SO much for your service(s), I cannot wait to see what you come up with.

Debbie Pamment said...

Hi Nancy - there's a blog award for you on my blog if you want to pick it up!

Kim said...

Wow! This is my first time on your blog, and your cards are beautiful! I came here from Lynn's blog and I just love her new look! I would love to have something designed for me, no rush though! I think what you are doing is so touching. Really there are no words to explain how I feel, but I got tingles all over me reading about your experience with your son. I have Diabetes, and have had alot of complications this past year and can not tell you how incredible the difference is when you have a wonderful DR. and hospital behind you! When you have time could you contact me at I will do a bit of research and see what charities there are locally, so I can donate! Thank you again for your inspiration, in cards and life!