Friday, November 28, 2008

Why "card worthy?"

Recently I kept a blog ( of a more serious nature--following my son's illness, treatment and bone marrow transplant this summer. All creativity was put on hold, except I found that keeping the blog was a little like digital scrapbooking and so it filled a need. Now that we're home and Henri is recovering and doing amazingly well, I have some time to stamp and be creative. Christmas is coming and I've managed to make some cards for the 'card worthy.' I laughed when I first heard this term--card worthy--and smiled at how true the sentiment seemed. I create cards and often just keep them for myself. People taking my classes at two local scrapbooking and stamping stores often said after creating a beautiful card or scrapbook page, "this is just too nice to give away." So, as a title for my blog, "card worthy" might be silly...but I like it. I hope you think my designs and ideas are worthy of your time.



Karen said...

I LOVE the title Nancy! ANY of your designs are definitely worth my time...I'll be back here often. :)

Dana said...

Nancy I love your blog - I will follow it & not be a lurker!
Congrats :)