Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cheeky DIGs is open!

I added Sharkie, my 'need a lift' support balloon and my frothy fappuccinos today to my Etsy Shop, Cheeky DIGs (pronounced digs like with a shovel). I'm starting with 5 of each image/set. Here are my initial prices:
  • Sharkie and his 3 cheeky sentiments are priced at $5 for the set.
  • The support balloon and sentiment is $3.
  • My fraps will be $3 for the collage image and $8 for the set, which includes both collage images AND the vanilla beans, strawberries, cloud and swirls as separate images.
  • I'm planning to price singles at $2-3 and sets between $5-10 depending on the number of images.

How does that sound? If these sell out (wouldn't that be amazing!!), please let me know and I'll add more. I'd love to see what you do with my images....I think a contest with prizes would be a good way to celebrate!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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