Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Henri's first real birthday party...

I'm gearing up to open Cheeky DIGs on Etsy where I'll sell my digital stamps (these are not the same as the images I illustrate for Taylored Expressions although you may recognize a similar style) and my favourite handmade cards. I'm still tweaking and open to any suggestions. If you use digi stamps already, I really would like to know whether you prefer jpeg, png or pdf files and whether a set is best arranged on one letter-sized page or one image per page. I'd love to hear from you!!

On Friday, my little Henri turns 6. Anyone who knows me knows this is a very big deal--two years ago Henri celebrated his 4th birthday while living at Sick Kids and was having a bone marrow transplant less than 3 months later. He's cured and is having his first REAL birthday party and inviting REAL school friends. So my morning was spent on the invites to his bowling party and here they are:
I created the bowling alley in Illustrator (I'm not sure if you can see the lines in this photo) and arranged it on the top half of the page before printing on cardstock, folding the back up and adding cardstock edges with strong adhesive and stitching. The insert gives the party details and is topped with nestie labels and the bowling pins/ball (popped up with dimensionals) I also created in Illustrator.
Thanks for looking!


Dana White said...

WOHOO your own images for me to buy I am so excited!! I can't believe Henri is 6 already - what great invites :)

Jo, Paul & Jade said...

Oh this is cool! I prefer jpegs (or pngs - I don't really know the difference) but with these two I can import them into word or publisher and resize and even re-color the outline to suit my colour scheme. I would also prefer them as separate images rather than lots on a page, for the same reason really, otherwise I would only go int and separate them anyway once I got them. Can't wait!

Also wanted to say how wonderful you must feel about having the party!

Jo, Paul & Jade said...

Ooops also meant to say that I love the card, the level of detail is awesome, from the line on the bowling lane, to the circle (ball) embossing - just wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Seems like my first comment didn't "stick"!!!

How wonderful for you all to be celebrating Henri's birthday with a great big party!!! yeah Henri!!!

Hope all is well, I did write back to your email but never heard back...hope you got it!

Heather from Ottawa, formerly Burlington!

Alex said...

Hi Nancy, okay don't laugh but would you be able to sell me a copy of your bowling image??? I have been asked to make a bowling card for a friend's father and he likes bowling apparently!!! yikes and I found your card on Splitcoast and wandered over to your blog, your cards are fantastic by the way??



mark lawrence said...

Good to know Henri’s doing well. That’s a very nice and creative birthday invitation card. The guests must have liked it too, and I hope the party was also very enjoyable. We ourselves had an amazing time attending my niece’s birthday party a few days ago at one of the wonderful venues in Chicago.