Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A challenge from Dana

I guess Dana figures I have a few pictures! Since I announced my blog banner charity design service, I have had no time to stamp! So at least I have something to post today...the challenge is to go into your picture files, open the 6th folder and post the 6th picture--a bit of a heartbreaker!

This picture is of Henri and our old dog Zephyr Anyone who used to scrapbook with me knows that Zephyr passed away a few years ago (just a few months after this picture was taken) and how hard this hit me. Well before we knew Henri was sick, we had no idea that life could be so sad. Zephyr was taking in some autumn warmth in the leaves in front of our house and Henri was just giving her some love. The second one is just a better picture of the old girl.

Now I have to challenge 6 people so I'm hoping my new friends who have shared their blogs with me have some great pictures too:

Kristie (the winner of Taylor's blog candy and a new banner, a watermark and sidebar labels)
Janet (a friend of Karen's)

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blog Designs for a Cure (or at least a kinder world for sick kids)

Recently an idea hit me when I was taxiing my kids around on a rare, more subdued evening! I had just created blog banners for my good friends, Karen at Paper Playhouse and Dana at Dana's House of Cards. Their friend Charlene at Willow & Paisley found me via their blogs and asked me to design something fresh and fun for her blog too. I wondered if my little blog banner designs could be something bigger: instead of asking for payment, I could encourage donations to certain charities close to my heart. This past year, so many groups were involved. They helped save my son Henri; supported my twins as they witnessed their little brother's courageous fight; helped my daughter be brave when she donated her bone marrow to him; sent the twins to the most amazing summer camp for two weeks during Henri's chemo and transplant; sent us up in a plane to intercept Santa who had just left the North Pole before Christmas; eased my pain and helped me cope with Henri's lengthy hospitalization and a mother's worst nightmare. You can read more about our year by following the link under "Another blog in another place" on the left sidebar.

For a blog banner and watermark, I'm asking for a $50 minimum donation to one of these very special organizations:

Sick Kids in Toronto
Canadian Immunodeficiency Society (CIS)
The Starlight Foundation, or
a group that is seeking a better cure for immune diseases (chronic granulomatous disease, SCID or even lupus) or a children's/bone marrow transplant/research hospital closer to your own state/province

To get in touch, comment to this post or email me at I can't anticipate the response, so turnaround on designs could be between one to three weeks.

Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nancy's CAT Challenge#1

Here's a new challenge for anyone interested. Similar to Kristina Werner's fabulous 'color' inspiration challenges but with a little texture thrown in. This is the watch I bought myself for Christmas! Never thought I would have a Swatch but it's such a stamper's watch--embossed suede (looks like velvet), swirls and a little crystal. Imagine the possibilities with this monochromatic scheme and your stash of bling, Karen! Who wants to play?

Mister Linky will ask you about participating in Cats on Tuesday--it doesn't matter that it's Thursday or any other day; I only had limited options. No deadline: let's just try to get to 10 participants.

Submissions for Colour and Texture Challenge #1: